Monday, May 25, 2009

Eyebag please be gone

gambar ehsan Google

Yup I bought it yesterday cause my eyebag are getting bigger by the day. Either tak cukup tidur or too much of watching the computer screen. Kena rehatkan mata.
Anyway, kat Giant semalam it's sold out. Kat Giant ada lagi 4 kotak jer tinggal. Nampaknya macam laku jer produknya. So I'm giving it a try. Read here for more info ya :)
I'll tell you in a week time what I think of the product...ialah kena test dulukan baru boleh kasi review.


Ms Lola said...

I've changed my url to lolalempicka.
;) Sorry....

Pink Mama said...

ohh...ok...Lola, terkejut I sekejap :)


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