Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dan siapakah

At 4am in the morning I hear my bedroom door crack open
I'm a very light sleeper (bukan selipar ya :P ) so whenever there's even a tick in the house I'll wake up
unlike my sleeping partner yang boleh tidur dengan nyenyaknya walaupun hujan ribut

I saw a hand peeking through the door
guess who's up at 4am?
dressed in showered and dressed in school uniform?
and the Cartoon Network Channel in the hall is on?

This girl


alamak awalnya Kakak bangun, belum lagi pukul 6 pun

She's too excited because today is her school teacher's day. Tak sabarlah tu nak bagi kad dengan hadiah kat teacher favorite dia

I had to persuade her to change her school clothes, switch off the TV and go back to sleep

It's still too early. Mama's going back to bed.


dikwirina said...

alaa.... sweetnyer kakak. somehow she reminds me of my eldest. these children punya heart so pure kan

Pink Mama said...

Semangat tu lebih, berkobar-kobar :)

dikwirina said...

yes, my eldest pun kalau xcited with something - betul2 punya looking 4ward


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