Friday, February 13, 2009

Tales of two brothers II

Banyak dugaan sebenarnya dalam mencari my brother-in-law (BIL) ni. Where do we start. We have no clue where should we start. To make it worst, my MIL tak ada salinan surat beranak my BIL. My husband kena pergi call sekolah lama adik dia ask for the no surat beranak. By the way, is it that easy to optain somebody's personal info from our school?. Because the clerk just senang-senang jer bagi no surat beranak my BIL tu.

Dah dapat nombor surat beranak can proceed to the next level. We obtain help from a family member to check his birth cert. Guess what his name seems to be MIA from the system. Even checking my MIL's IC only two of his son's name appears in the system. The missing BIL's name where not listed under her. Tried FIL's name, only 5 children's name came out, still his name is missing. By the way my PIL seperated when their kids are still young. Dugaan.We were puzzled. Macamana boleh jadi macam tu?. The name that appears to the birth cert number given by the old school belongs to a woman. We were dumbstruck.

Ok, lets start all over again. Maybe the birth cert number is not correct cause my BIL is born in 1970's and the lady's birthday is some where in 1960's. There's a digit or alphabeit mising. Sure were right cause my husband's second brother's birth cert had an alphabet in front of it and they were only born 2 yrs apart.

At last we got his IC number and the address that was listed on his last updated IC which was in the late 90's. I tried googling the kampung's name tapi tak ada langsung. My husband cari kat directory pun tak ada. My MIL dah suggest nak pergi bomoh jer. Sometimes I just couldn't believe my MIL, surat beranak dahlah tak adakan, gambar anak sendiri pun tak ada. Even my relative tu pun mula2 macam tak percaya yang my BIL ni wujud. I ada nampak my husband's album, there's a picture of him and his brother. The picture in the earlier post. Tapi masa mula-mula my husband cari gambar tu memang dia tak jumpa walaupun banyak kali dah cari dalam album dia. Ajaibkan.

Sampaikan my husband sembahyang hajat mintak petunjuk. Lepas tu barulah senang sikit pencarian ni. Dipermudahkan. Gambar tu macam muncul sendirilah pulak. Tetiba google nama kampung tu, keluarlah pulak sedangkan sebelum ni google banyak2 kali pun haprak tak jumpa.

Hopefully this school holiday kami dapatlah pergi mencari dia cause the location kampung tu sebenarnya tak jauh dari rumah lama my FIL. Doakan ya.


dikwirina said...

this case is shrouded with mystery. kesian ur MIL yearning for his son :(

Pink Mama said...

maybe my BIL doesn't want to be found or else he should've come home :(


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