Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a long week...

I'm so glad that it's already Friday. Too many dirty politics going on in the office and the Malaysian politician too.

To the Malaysian politician, grow up!!. There's a lot more serious issue that you have to focus on in this economic crisis than bickering with each other.

To my collegues, don't play with'll be burnt. Talk about stupidity when you want to bad mouth the boss in an email but you accidently reply to all which includes the boss too. I give up!!!


Jade said...

tu le... sometimes depa ni x sedar.. kalau x accident tertekan utk bg boss ade je staff yg "TAK" sengaja forward d email to d boss

Pink Mama said...

itu ler...kalau nak hantar email kena be careful sesangat.


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