Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm hot

Yes...I'm hot but in a way you think ker...apa

and No, I'm not in a sauna rite now

it's just that my office is so warm. The air-cond is out. Appearantly,
the building maintainance is doing some servicing work.
Sadly, there's only one fan in the department

It feels like in an oven rite now. :(


supermummy said...

eh my ofis pun sama jugak today! selalu sejuk mengalahkan antartica..hari ni dah jadi mcm afrika pulak..isk!

Pink Mama said...

supermummy, opis kita ni agak2nya kembar siam kot. Tu yang dua2 mogok hari ni. Selalunya sejuk sampai kematu kitaorang. :O


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