Monday, February 9, 2009

At our own back yard

Tak payah pergi jauh-jauh sampai Selayang to fly kites. There's a park near our house where residents can enjoy the activities. Yesterday I bawak anak-anak pergi sana tapi sekejap jerlah cause I have lots of groceries in my car's trunk.

The little one kena cubit dengan I cause she really got on my nerves yesterday. I love this little girl so much but some times dia saja jer nak naikkan darah Mama dia.

Padang tempat main kite kat sini taklah secantik dan selapang macam kat Selayang tu. Tapi oklah.

I tak tanya pulak how much the kites cost. Lagipun I don't know how to fly a kite and never tried before. Looks like so much fun. Next time kita bawak Ayah along.

We'll see whether today I rajin or not bawak budak-budak ni to the park. Tengok my mood and tahap kerajinan :)

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