Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My ...not minelah exactly cringes moment

I actually love reading this lady's blog. Today's tittle for her blog was Cringe Moments. Adalah satu cringe moments ni but not mine actually but my dad's but I was there to witness it and laugh my heads off (jahat punya anakkan...)

Macam ni kisahnya. It was a Friday if I was not mistaken few months back. My father balik dari masjid. (Please bare with me as I am not a good story teller). Pas tu dia dok bising-bising to me and my mom, as there were only two of us downstairs watching tv.

Papa: Tadikan I sakit perut sangat, so I pergi toilet (kat masjidlahkan) , lepas tu bila Papa nak pakai balik seluar. My underwear is missing.
Me: HA...iye ker Pa?
Mama (my mom ler): Ha...underwear hilang? Papa sangkut kat mana seluar?
Papa: kat belakang pintu toiletlah. Puas cari rata-rata...hilang.
Me: Underwear pun ada orang nak curi ker?
Mama: Iyelah...kat masjid sekarang ni banyak pencuri tau
(both me and my mom were like so puzzled....)
Me: Pa, yang sangkut kat bahu tu apa?
HAHAHAHAHAHA...lepas tu I tak leh kontrol gelak sampai berguling-guling dan keluar airmata banyak giler.
Underwear my father actually tersangkut kat bahu dia. Dia tak ingat.....OMG ...it was the funniest thing ever. Saat menaip ni pun I'm still laughing. I actually tak tahan that that day I pi cerita kat my sisters and my best friend. Kesian my Dad...but it was so damn funny. Tak caya pi tanya my mom....HAHAHAHA


mimielola said...

HAHAHA... that's really funny!!1

Pink Mama said...

Mimie: I still laugh whenever I remember about it ...hehehehe


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