Friday, November 14, 2008

Her last day...sob...sob

This post was supposed to come out before the post above. Tapi disebabkan insiden siang tadi, terus hilang mood satu hari. Nasib baiklah hari ni hari Jumaat so Sabtu & Ahad tak payah mengadap muka2 orang kat office tu. Anyway, I'm back to my old self this evening after a delicious slice of Secret Recipe Chocolate Indulgence.

Anyway, actually story yang kat bawah ni yang patut keluar ....

Sob...sob...her mama's the one yang melankolik pulak pagi-pagi ni. Budak tu happy, bangun pagi dengan gembiranya sebab ada class party hari ni. I don't think that she realize that today is her last day at Kindy. The last day she'll see all her friends and teacher. Next year she'll be in different school and different class. Suddenly, I feel like today is my last day of my form 5...sob...sob. Miss school....aikkk...sapa yang sekolahnya sebenarnya ni?

Adik and her close friends in classroom

Anyway, I'm supposed to go to her kindy tomorrow to collect her school books, her graduation diploma and her report. Since I saw her teacher this morning, I've collected all her books today. Tomorrow, I have to bring Adik to the primary school for her orientation day and assesment test. I feel like I just gave birth to her yesterday, now my baby is going to primary school already. I'm not ready to let my baby go to primary school. It's kinda different feeling. Kindergarden lain sebab tak ramai sangat student macam sekolah biasa tu. How will my baby cope....Abang ada tapi Abang pun sure takkan nak tengok adik jer,kan.

Ni gambar Adik with her class teacher. Thank you Mrs R. for all you've done for my daughter. I know that you spend a great amount of time for my daughter. Thank you again.

Thank you to all the teacher who taught my darling Adik to read and count. Foremost, thank you for making her happy cause I know she love going to school.

I'm sure she'll miss all her friends as they are all going to different primary school :(

Anyway, Abang is grounded for a month cause he lost a few of the school text book. Mama & Ayah will have to buy replacement books or else Abang won't get the loan books.

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