Saturday, November 15, 2008

FJ's privilege cards

I've got two FJ Benjamin's privilege cards given by my collegue. His gf works at FJ. It's valid till 31 Dec 2008. You are entittled to 30% discount. I've got the La Senza and Gap Kids with me. Since I'm not planning to buy anything from these stores, I'm giving it out to whoever is interested. Just leave a message / email add or apa2lah kat comment box tu. I'll mail (hantar pos) it to you.


di said...

Hi, dis is my first time dropping by at ur blog. if u don't mind, i would love to have the La Senza privilege card. Anyway, js trying my luck ;)

btw dis is my email add:

Pink Mama said...

Hi Di, I'll email u later to ask 4 your details ya.

misyamansor said...

hye pink mama :),
kalo tetibe di xrespond or tanak ke,u can give it to me(syamim)..hehe..
(silent reader)


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