Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Masculine hair smell

Yup, currently my hair smell manly. Wanna know why?. Because as I water my hair and reached for my shampoo (I've got two bottle of shampoo in my bathroom) it's empty and the other one is filled with water. Nak tau kerja sapa...kerja dua beradik perempuan itu. They love to bath in my bathroom because there's like so many stuff that they can play with.
So, I thought that why not just use Ayah's shampoo. I've never used a man shampoo before and I will never again used man shampoo. Busuklah bau shampoo lelaki. Too manly smell for me. I need flowery smell not some sandalwood scent. It may smell good on a man but not me.

Pening...mak nak kena pi pharmacy sekarang gak cari shampoo lain sebab kepeningan bau shampoo lelaki ini. Rasa macam nak muntah pun ada ni.

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