Monday, March 23, 2009

Another great year

Note: This is a sticky note. just for today :)

Alhamdulillah for another birthday.

Jangan tanya umur cause I actually have to count how old I am...ehhh...lupa ingatan sekejap :P


Jade said...

happy b'day :P

p/s : same le kita.. dan2 umur meningkat lupe je b'day yg ke-berapa

Pink Mama said...

Thank you Jade. I siap kira besday yang keberapa...confuse jap :)

supermummy said...

happy birthdayyy! dapat present apa tu? hehe

Pink Mama said...

Thank you supermummy. Hadiah...hehe...ada ler :)

mimielola said...

Happy birthday, Sis1

Pink Mama said...

Terima Kasih, Lola :)

Mrs Taz said...

Happy Birthday Pink Mama,

semoga dgn bertambahnye umur bertambah jugalah rezeki ..amiiin :)

Pink Mama said...

Mrs Taz,

Thank you and amin :)


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