Monday, October 6, 2008

Right here waiting

I'm in the office now and still waiting for the D.E.L.L people to deliver me my replacement battery. Mana ni dah pukul 12 lebih dah ni and they're still not here. I'm going out for lunch ni.....I want my new battery TODAY or else I can't blog about my raya as all the pics are in my laptop.

Orang D.E.L.L oii...kalau hang tak mai hari ni...siap hang!!

update: yay...orang D.E.L.L itu baru menhantar charger baru...yabbedabeddoo....happi giler Ahkak. Nasib baik ler dia datang betul2 after I came back from lunch.

dapat ler menggunakankan balik Ms Green malam kang :)

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