Friday, October 10, 2008

Eye twitching means....

means that you'll cry over something. My eyes did twitch a few days back, in my heart I was hoping that nothing bad will happen to me or my family. I know because every time my twitch I'll cry about something.
So last night I was watching Kabhi Kushi Khabhi Igam I cried cause there's a few scene that are touching. Hari tu tengok cerita Cinta nangis although have watch it a few times (I'm a sucker for romantic movies). So I thought to myself, oh...mata twitch sebab tengok cerita ni kot.
Well, I was so WRONG!!. Rupa2nya hari ni nangis....we'll nak nangis tengah tahan jer ni. Don't worry got nothing to do with my family. It's such a frustration when you know something that you are not supposed to know. Must be a reason why Allah s.w.t. tu turunkan ujian atas umatnyakan.....mesti ada hikmahnya. Maybe Allah me to make a move because I have been delaying what I am supposed to do long ago.
So now I must aggresively do something about it and get out of this situation. Go do things you love Pink Mama instead feeling miserable here. There's no point of being treated unfairly cause you're the different skin tone as others ( actually I am fairer than them!!).
Currently, listening to Rihanna to cover up the bad feeling I'm having now. No crying allowed, must be strong.



akak pun percaya kalu mata kita berkedip maknanya kita nak nangis, tapi memang betullah kalu mata kiri akak berkedip maknanya akak akan nangis gak nanti cuma x tahu bila, kalu mata kanan tu maknanyer akak nak nengok orang rupernya

Ninie said...

i pun nangis tgk kabhi kushi kabhi igam tu!! nangis teruk huhuhu...btw, be strong k...

Pink Mama said...
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Pink Mama said...

Pink Mama to crazybeautiful88: samalah kita ye, kalau mata kiri berkedip tu mesti nak nangis, tapikan kalau mata kanan berkedip tu tak ada pulak jumpa org famous

Pink Mama to ninie: nangis gak ye, ingatkan saya sorang jer
:) Anyway, thanks...still hanging on.


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