Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh no!she did it again

A day before Syawal, I was browsing the net using my beloved laptop when suddenly the battery went dead. I tried recharging my laptop but I can because there were something wrong with the charger.

So next day, dear Hubby called the customer service of Dell....but miraclely the battery's green light went on.

Today, while browsing the net. My dear daughter terlanggar the battery...and tiba2 tak boleh charge balik the laptop. There's something wrong with the battery....huwarghhh. What am I gonna do if my laptop habis battery...nak charge kat mana?. Tak nak ler guna son's computer or hubby's laptop...tak best not the same as my own.

Please pray that she'll be ok...kalau tak saya mati kutu nanti :(

update: Hubby has managed to call Dell today (Friday) and they have agreed to changed for me the charger to a new one as it is still under warranty but the bad news is that they'll only send it to my mom's hse on Monday. Tiga hari ni janganlah buat perangai ya charger...I need to use my laptop....

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