Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book store hunting and idiots

Ever since I watch the movie, I've decided to read the novels as many told me that the novels are much better and the movie does not reflect the true storytelling. Unfortunately, believe or not the story book is sold out. I went to 4 different bookstore, Konikuniya, MPH, Popular and Borders. It's all sold out and they don't even know when they will get a new stock. I've even ask a favor from a friend who's a book translater if she could buy me a copy. To no avail, she too couldn't locate me a copy.

You must be wondering why am I blogging in English right?. It's because I was really pissed off with the information counter guy at the B.or.d.e.r's Book Store at The C.U.R.V.E. Just because I ask a malay tittle book, does not give you the right to utter a snicker at me. Seeing that I wasn't laughing, he apologize unsincerely. Is it so out of class for you to read a malay storybook, just because you have a pierce ears. Oh please, I've been to The B.o.r.d.e.r.s bookstore in The United States way before the bookstore were even in KL. I read other books too, novels and motivational books both in English and Malay. Please don't be a judgemental person. It's a shame that you work in a bookstore, but you weren't even aware that "Ayat-ayat Cinta" is a hit with readers. (this message is actually my frustration towards the idiot at The B.O.R.D.E.R.S bookstore, everyone else please ignore my angry rants)

So guys, if any of you have a copy of the book and you would like to let go of it. Do inform me, Thanks. I'd really appreciate it.


Nad Eusoff said...

penah nampak org baca dlm train..
best je nampak.

Pink Mama said...

Penat Akak cari Nad, semua dah out of stock tapi Akak dah jumpa ebooknya :)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hey babe...try downloading it from the net thru ares...not sure ade ke tak...i heard about the hit...but didnt had d chance to read one ;p
n owh that i.d.i.o.t tue...klo i dah lame i perli2 die blk...i hate that kind of ppl jugak

Pink Mama said...

thanks verde. I'll try and find in ares. Yelah...I should actually, but I was too pissed off.

mimielola said...

Kalau u nak pinjam, I boleh poskan I punya buku to you.

Email me at mimielola [at] gmail [dot] com, k?

Pink Mama said...

mimielola, thanks. Kalau I tak dapat jugak jumpa buku tu. I'll email u. :)


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