Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday disaster

Imagine trying put in RM5 coins into the parking machine slots and failing for 5 times in two different machines. Note: mesin kat atas tu bukan mesin sebenar, mesin sebenarnya ialah mesin kuning yang mengeluarkan tiket.

Yup....I was so pissed that Monday morning.

Me, sweating hot trying very hard to put in the coins into the slots. RM5 is the maximum amount I have to pay to pay for my parking from 8am till 5.30pm. But to no avail sampai RM4.90 jer that stupid machine dah tak nak terima my coins anymore. 10 sen makes a big different you see.

10 sen tu memberi difference about an hour to the parking time. I was so pissed cause it ruines my whole day. After 5 attemps I give up. At 4pm, I will have to come down to the car park and put in coins for another 11/2 hrs. Today I was told by the parking attendant that the bloody machine can only accept 25 pieces of coins. No wonderrrrrr.......

Adding salt to my monday morning, masuk-masuk office jer, I tersalah masuk password into my computer. Now I am officially log out and can't sign in. Nak kena tunggu 20 minutes for IT personnel to reset my passwords.

That's not the only bad thing that happen to me yesterday, balik rumah nak goreng keropok lekor. Yuppp....berterabur sos cili untuk keropok lekor tu atas my kitchen floor cause I didn't realise that it was packed together in the package with the keropok lekor.

That was my disaterous Monday.Don't mention pasal office worklah yang berlambak-lambak tu and kes terpaksa mengemop the whole kitchen floor yang terus membawa ke mengemop seluruh rumah.

My conclusion...I HATE MONDAYS!!!! Period!!


Mrs LVoe said...

tu agak yea org byk called black monday or monday blues ;-)

Pink Mama said...

Sha, akak punya bukan clack dah ....macam-macam kaler dah...hehehe


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