Monday, December 29, 2008

A visit to the Museum on Adik's birthday

I actually took a lot of pictures at the Museum but for some reason I can't seem to upload it to blogger. Maybe the megapixel is too big. We were at the museum for 3 hours, believe or not. It'll be another long period I think for me to come and visit the museum again. You must be wondering, if I find it so boring why did we spend 3 hours in the museum. One word - Hubby. Alamak suami saya tu lama betul dalam muzium tu. Dia baca satu-satu all the explaination under the exhibition. Seriously, I can't understand. I was like lalu jer kat each of the exhibition, just tengok-tengok macam tu. I think he spends like minimum 5 minutes at each exhibits.

I think the exhibition is still the same thing as I saw when I was a little girl. Kalau ikutkan I, I think I can finish the whole exhibition in 20 minutes. My husband actually love museums, I actually pernah kena ikut dia tengok exhibition at the American Museum of National History. Tengok all the dinasours and all. Quite interestinglah. I rasa our Muzium Negara ni kena revamp sikit their bulding bagi nampak interesting. Letak more interesting exhibits or something. Seriously, dalam building tu nampak so gloomy. Just my 2 cent.

There's an exhibition of senjata sekarang at the Museum. The exhibition is until April next year if I'm not mistaken. Entrance free. Cuma kalau nak tengok pameran dalam building muzium tu kena bayar RM2 for 12 tahun ke atas. So if you're like my husband yang suka sangat tengok benda-benda macam ni pergilah.

There's more actually. I'll update what we bought for the birthday girl. Tomorrow ya.

Good nite.

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