Friday, December 12, 2008

Lots of Korban meat in the fridge

I've got lots of Korban meat in my fridge and I don't know what to cook. Wanted to cook Asam Pedas Melaka but I'm out of certain ingredient. Maybe, later I'll drop by Giant to get the spices that I need after sending Abang to his Kumon class.

too lazy to take the meat out of the red platic bags, should transfer the meats to a smaller ziplock bags

Anyway, i've marinated some of the meat for BBQ :) That should be our dinner as I'm having a bad backache, maybe because I'm limping around with one bad leg.


Kheirul said...

samalah kite byk gile daging...dlm fridge...., yatie,

Pink Mama said...

stock berapa minggu tu, tak tahu ler :)


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