Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Open Letter to A.s.t.r.o

To A.s.t.r.o,

We are a very dissatisfied customer of yours. It has been 3 days since last we call your customer service centre to complaint regarding the problem with our A.s.t.r.o simcard. We still couldn't get to watch your (outdated) programs.

Everytime that we call, your customer service has ask us to wait for 24 hours for them to activate back the (damn) simcard. Today has been the third time that we have called your customer service and you still can't rectify the problem.

When ask what is the best solution for the problem, your Customer service can't even give any advise. Do we have to wait another 24 hrs to go through the same situation.

Is A.s.t.r.o going to give us discount on 3 days that we did not get the service?. My ever patience husband is very kind to talk to you nicely, if it were me, you may not get the same treatment. At first my husband didn't even want to make a big fuss of it, he wants to bring the simcard to the nearest Astro centre to find out what is the problem. But we are paying for the service, so I think that it is unfair to us.

If your customer service don't even know what is the problem with the (bloody) simcard, they should've suggested that we change the simcard to a new one or even activated it at the nearest centre and not waste three (bloody) days giving us false hope.

As a public listed company, you should've improve on your services and maybe train your staff to be more proficient. If tomorrow there is still no progress on the problem, we might cancel both our account at home and another account at my parents house. We can survive watching the non-paid channels and browse more on the internet (can survive without Tv but can't survive without broadband).

A Disgruntled Customer

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