Saturday, December 13, 2008

They're getting married

They're getting married on V-day next year. For full story click here.

Just one advise from me, think again about the date. I'm married on 14th of February, not because it was a Valentine's day, but because it was a Friday and we wanted to take the berkat of it.

I tell you, every year it's tough to celebrate our anniversary because the whole world is celebrating our special day with their love ones too. Every restaurant and hotel will be fully book. Price of flowers also will go double or triple for that day.

We even encounter queueing for hours just to get seated to dinner on our special day. There was once, an impatient young man smashed the glass door of a restaurant because he and his girlfriend had to wait hours for them to get a seat. Mamat tu baru nak romantik, sekali kena tunggu...mau tak berasap kepala. Layu bunga daa...

We decided after a few years of difficulty celebrating our day, we would either celebrate our anniversary one day earlier or one day late.

So, to whoever planning to get hitch on V-day. Think again if you want the anniversary of your wedding to be a special day every year.


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

huhuhu...takpe...atleast all the rest of the ppl pon kire wishing u anniversary jugak! hehehhehe

lepas nie mane tau, nak celebrate candle light dinner mane2 for ur anniversary tetibe sebelah linda jasmine n que...hehehhhe

Pink Mama said...

verde: hahaha....mana tahu,kan

Nad Eusoff said...

wah..tak sangka yer
betul gak..
susahnye nak celebrate.
pasnih pilih tarikh thaipusam je la..ekekeke

Pink Mama said...

Adik Nad, pilihlah tarikh lain. Bolehlah beromantik berdua sajer :)


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