Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday my little muchkin

My little munchkin turns 6 today. Coincidently, it falls the same day as Maal Hijrah. See I told ya earlier that my poket akan rabak lagi cause this lil' muchkin dah target dah hadiah apa dia nak for her birthday.
Actually my daughter, husband, father and brother in-law is a Capricorn. My husband's and the lil' munchkin birthday is two days apart of each other, I think it's because I keep telling her to come out on her father's birthday but she missed it by two day cause her actual due date was in January. I have to say the father and daughter punya perangai lebih kurang sama. Ada angin sikit, kaki sakat orang, suka ikut kepala sendiri and bossy. Actually to think about it same goes with my own Dad. So I'm used to it. In the Chinese horoscope, my husband is a fire horse, both my dad and my daughter is a water horse. Patutlah anak aku ni tido malam menendang-nendang...kuda kerjanya asyik nak tendang orang jer.

Selamat Harijadi my baby, Adik.

We're going to have a little celebration at my mother's house tomorrow, although this little birthday girl actually wants her birthday party at the Kidz Gymsport. Maybe next time dear. Kita invite kawan2 kat sekolah baru ya. My six yr old is attending a primary school in a week time. Mama's baby has grown up.
Selain daripada itu saya ingin mengucapkan Salam Maal Hijrah. Selamat Tahun Baru.


Nad Eusoff said...

hepi bday to ur cutie nyway

a hug from me

Pink Mama said...

Time kacihlah Nad :)


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