Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So worried right now

my niece just turn 1 last Friday

Today my mom told me that she might be suspected H1N1.
I'm so worried =(


Jade said...

alahai.. mintak dijauhkan kak..

ape2 pun jade doakan moga si kecil tu cepat sembuh..

dikwirina said...

oh oh oh hopefully not.

your niece is such a sweetheart! so cute with the little dress and headband

zarin said...

oh my...mintak mintak di jauh kan..kesiannya..

anyway hope she'll recover soon..

Pink Mama said...

Thank you all. I hope it's not also. =(

Ms Lola said...

OMG,hopefully she doesnt get it. SHe's co pretty!

Pink Mama said...

Ohhh...I hope so too Lola. I'm so worried =(


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