Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dr Feelgood makes me feel good

This what I bought last Monday at the Benefit counter. My must-have item before I put on my makeup.
So my face will look smoother and easier for me to apply my makeup.

The Benefit SA was also so kind to give me a free sample of Firmology. Which I find great for my skin too.

OOOooooohhhh...must go and buy. Maybe the next time I go to Pavilion =)


Ms Lola said...

Sis, I love the not-so-new FLAWLESS. Best la pakai tu. I forgot about my foundation already. :)

Pink Mama said...

Lola, I must check it out then. =)

zetck said...


dah lama nak try Dr Feelgood, tgk my fwen ada pakai.

Harus try esok!


btw, I loike ur blog

Pink Mama said...

zetck, pergilah try.

Thank you =)


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