Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why does have to happen during holidays, especially a long one?


my wisdom tooth gum is swollen. And I'm in PAIN

Bad news is I have a wedding kenduri invitation today

Good news is, that means I can't eat a lot at the wedding.

Bad news is, ada ke klinik gigi yang bukak time raya cina ni?

More bad news. The last time I extracted my wisdom tooth (the right one), I have to forked out RM500 for it.

Part of good news is, oklah I boleh claim RM200 for my dental from my office.

But seriously, I can't eat anything right now. Masak bubur jerlah nampaknya.

that's how my wisdom tooth looks like right now. Ouchhh...ouchhh...


dikwirina said...

kesian u...
sabar k

Pink Mama said...

Dikwirina, thanks tapi tak boleh nak makan :(


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