Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nak bagi nasihat sikit

I bought a new Eternity parfum at JJ, One Utama today. Just nak nak bagitau you all that I menyesal pulak beli kat situ sebab the CK SA tu kedekut giler nak bagi free gifts with it. I bukannya beli yang 50ml, I bought the 100ml. Dia bagi 2 sample kecik jer Euphoria kat I. The last time I bought the same parfum at Parkson, the CK SA tu bagi I lagi better and lagi banyak gifts. One of them is this one, and a few other sample. Next time I'm going back to Parkson for any of my future makeup/parfum splurge which is due very-very soon. Menyampah dengan SA yang tak tau tackle hati customer. I bought it in JJ cause I thought since I was there might as well I bought it there then walking to the other end of One U. Ini last time ler I akan beli lagi dekat counter CK JJ tu.

Another thing, right after habis shopping kat One Utama we went to drop off some of my children's old clothes. I am so dissapointed cause tempat recycle tu dah macam tong sampah pulak jadinya. There's rubbish kat bawah tong tu. People do you know how to read or not?. This is a recycle bin not a dustbin. That's two different thing OK. Malaysian pleaselah be more pissed with some dumb people.

Ini bukan tong sampah
New Year resolution no 1: Be more patience

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