Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tandu pengantin

I actually saw this boat shape made of bamboo next to the kenduri tent.

How cool is that? Masih ada lagi ya adat junjung pengantin ni.

I went to the wedding in Felda Sendayan, unfortunately my taste bud were still off. My husband swears that the food was excellent especially the masak lemak daging salai and he keeps going on about the ayam kampung. I didn't taste anything, it's all tasteless to me =(
All I can think about my comfy bed at home. No fun to go anywhere when you have a bad cough and cold.

The boys were so happy to model for =)

Harap-harap pengantinnya small sizelah kalau tak parah jugak orang yang nak mengangkut pengantin tu. Oh ya, saya pergi rumah orag kawin tapi saya tak tengok pun rupa pengantinnya.

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