Saturday, July 24, 2010

I hate packing

So this is the reason why I was sick for almost 2 weeks. Cengkung dah pipi saya sebab tak ada selera makan. 
Hubby said maybe I should demam another 2 weeks then I'll be kurus...yeah rite. Seksa ok sakit sampai tak ada tenaga nak berjalan ni pun.

My office is in the midst of moving to a new place. So you see it's been a hectic month. With me running here and there. At last I fall sick for two weeks and 3 days MC straight this week due to cold, cough and fever (plus stress I guess). 

Thank God (Alhamdulillah) the moving was push to next week Friday due to some techinical issues (yeah somebody forget to order the company signage and half of the office renovation still going on) cause I haven't pack at all.

I hate packing....can somebody please pack my stuff for me. Pleaseeee.....

I guess I'll just chucked everything into the boxes. Tak ada system langsung.

you must be wondering why there's 2 boxes of face mask rite?
Langkah ready for every possibilities =P

 I actually assemble one of the boxes wrongly. Dah siap pasang baru sedar yang kotak pasang terbalik.

Who actually invented this multipurpose masking tape?
It sucks cause it keeps tearing in the middle of me trying to tape the stupid box. Argghhh stress....who took my big selotape?
Moving sucks....nanti nak kena unpack pulak. Sigh!

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