Thursday, July 29, 2010

View from the verandah

So we are moving tomorrow to the new building. It's gonna be a long week.
I'm expected at work this weekend too to sort out the movers.

Today I actually went to my new place. What a mess!
But after some ordering around, my place finally looks like a department instead of a store room.

Here's the view from our verandah

If we're lucky we could catch the glimpse of celebrities from our verandah

Hello neighbors...I see you KPMG & TV3

Hey I can see TTDI. That's the hotel tennis court and oh yeah....we can see the swimming pool too. Boring-boring boleh cuci mata ehehe....


Nana said...

OOOoooOoo nanti bila I balik Malaysia boleh have lunch heheehheheh tempat I kerja is around that area heheheheh ;D Balik tu entah bila lah kan heheh

Pink Mama said...

Nana, nanti you balik bolehlah kita lunch =)


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