Sunday, July 25, 2010

Killing boredom

So I just noticed that I had this magazine at home. Bought it ...hmm bila beli tak ingatlah. It's just sitting beside my bed on the floor. Browse through the mazagine and there are stuff that caught my eyes.

This Nine West Patent Flat is so cute and it's pink

This platform heels are gorgeous rite but I can't wear these kind of shoes around the office because my work requires a lot of walking around the office. Mau patah kaki kalau pakai kasut camni dah office. But they are gorgeous....droolllllll....

I so want my eye lashes to be like this. Mine is short and boring. Nak pakai bulu mata palsu tak berapa terror. I tried macam-macam mascara but my eyelashes still tak boleh lentik and panjang macam ni. a

Why am I blogging about stuff that I read in the magazine tonite, maybe cause I'm bored there's nothing to watch on Astro.

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