Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I cried for a stranger last nite

I actually cried last nite after reading an FB status on one of my friends list.

It says, "How can I live without you?"

Sebak terus jadinya.

You see, I seldom add people that I don't know to my facebook friends list.

But this girl I add sebab suka tengok dia lawa plus my sister is a common friend

Rupa-rupanya, that girl is my sister's office mate

Anyway she passed away last month due to some complications and she was 3 months pregnant at the time according to my sister.

So sedih I baca luahan hati suami arwah, terus meleleh airmata.

So do cherish your love ones.

Al-Fathihah to Arwah.


zarin said...

i pun sebak baca entry nih...al-fatihah

Pink Mama said...

Sedih I baca status fb luahan hati suami arwah tu


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