Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cekak rambut

So I spend a lot of money on the girls. It's fun cause I get to but the things I like and we can share most of the stuff. Baju of courselah cannotkan =P

But accessories, I can always songlap theirs if I like it =)
Like yesterday I bought for Adik this headband for RM9.90. Actually I yang berkenan so ada alasan nak beli. And I already have an idea how to wear it with a tudung. ;)

Comel tak? 

Next time I think I'll have to write down the things that I bought for the girls and calculate how much I have spend for them alone. Sian anak lelaki jarang dibelikan barang.
Tapi my boy punya barang semua mahal-mahal, nak mainan and gadget mahal-mahal mintak kat ayah dia ler =P

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