Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shopping frenzy

I went a little crazy this frenzy.
There's a reason actually I went a little bit overboard.
Ada dinner next week so tak ada baju nak pakai so beli yang mana berkenan then mix and match.

black top from Nichii

top from a boutique in One Utama name Treats, skirt mmg dah lama ada. So only the top is new

a dress from 18 to 80 in One Utama too

I know which one to wear already. Nanti bila I pakai I'll show you guys ok.

Time to relax my feet. Ikut suami yang fickle minded shopping adalah sangat memenatkan badan....adoi.....habis new wing dengan old wing pusing nak cari shirt sehelai untuk dia.

Good weekend for me and family.

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