Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two lovely ladies I currently heart

Currently I am crazy about these two girls.

The first one for her great make-up tutorial. I love how this girl put on her make-up.
Plus I think it's easy for me to follow her steps

sambil mendengar this pretty lady sing

I so love Katy Perry for her makeup and fashion style. I also love her songs and especially her VC's.
They are addictive to me :)


zarin said...

can I link urs to mine?
coz I somekind of found u and then lost u and found again and lost again and now I just found u for the 3rd time

Pink Mama said...

sure, my pleasure dear :)

Foxy Farah said...

i heart katy perry too.she s so quirky n her fashon sense is so so fun!

Pink Mama said...


same here :)


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