Tuesday, July 7, 2009

If you don't want him


If you don't want him, I'll be glad to take him ANYTIME women!!! :)
I'm willing to be a WAG :P

This what I'm talking about.

Paris Hilton Reveals Why She Dumped Cristiano Ronaldo
Jul 06 2009. Posted by Adam

Paris Hilton has revealed why she ended her short-lived romance with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo — she didn’t want to be “just a WAG”.
The socialite
recently hooked up with the Real Madrid star in LA.
But Paris insists she never wanted to have a serious relationship with Cristiano.
“I didn’t want to start dating Ronaldo because I’ve got no intention of ending up becoming some kind of footballer’s wife,” she said.
“People were saying we were the new Posh and Becks — in fact that’s what people said I was going around saying — but it’s not true.
“Posh and Becks are a beautiful and amazing couple but I would not want to be just a footballer’s wife.
“But some girls just become known for being a footballer’s girl. I wouldn’t ever want to be pigeon-holed like that.”
Meanwhile, it
has been reported that Hilton, 28, has rekindled her romance with former flame Doug Reinhardt.
“Paris says that Doug keeps her grounded in her crazy life and she has now been referring to her relationship with him as on-off, but more on than off,” a source told Britain’s News of The World newspaper.
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wantie said...

oh my god... he so handsome.I dare to take a risk, just want to be with him.. even in my dream.If Paris dont want him.. i will take him along... bye bye Paris.

Pink Mama said...



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