Thursday, July 30, 2009

I just have to tell

I was reading my friends fb status. He said he said he was giggling away in his helmet after recalling a hillarious (though must have been ackward for the other party) moment at RSPC's parking lot last Saturday.

I just have to tell you guys what actually happen. I assured you it is hilarious.

Parked the car, kids went to the clubhouse and I was preparing to unload my equipment.
A guy (in driver's uniform)walks over and and says, "Anak-anak boss awak ke tu?" I said "No, anak2 dan anak saudara saya".
He said, "Wah.. bagus lar awak punya boss, bagi pinjam kereta"I said with a smile, "Tak, ini kereta saya".
He turned pale and said "Ohh.. Sorry Bos"... I told him no problem and not to call me boss :)
  • Kelakar ok sebab kawan I ni kaya raya. Maybe dia kena tukar style ler jadi lebih smart...hehehe...but I was laughing so hard last nite reading it.....hahahaha...see still laughing...LOL...

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