Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baiklah saya pergi

After two phone call. One from my dad, later from my sister
I'am fully awake now from my nap. It seems that a person just can't get a rest even on her sick day.

Baiklah....I'm going to the wedding but I'm not going at 6.30pm for a wedding that starts at 8pm's just in Melawati...not Melaka....

I'll start to dress at 6.30pm cause I'll try to wear these tonite :)

So how's your weekend?


mar!ahaf!z said...

wahh, me x penah try pakai sendiri.
once je pakai masa sanding.. and sgtlah kelakar sebab terasa mata saya serupa snuffy - sesame st.

Pink Mama said...

Maria, I pun jarang pakai sebab tak pandai sangat pakai


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