Friday, November 12, 2010

Make up your or green?

Happy Friday lovelies> Mesti ramai orang gembira sebab maknanya weekends are approachingkan. Doesn't make a different cause tomorrow I still have to come to work to do some system testing. Nasib....gini ler kuli batak.

Here a picture of my outfit today. Giler punya kalerful sikit lagi boleh jadi rainbow babe.
Macam-macam kaler ada. That's my fugly green sweater....tapi I have to tell you that it is so comfy. Panas panas sweater sedap sungguh dalam keadaan office yang macam nak menyambut Krismas ni kan. You can also see my pink crocs and pink socks...hehe.. No heels in the office cause in a day I have to walk like thousand steps. Tak practical pakai heels cause by the end of the day nanti kaki akan sore.

Ada orang kata I look like Inspector Gadget with all my key,pen and door tag holder.Pen penting sebab kalau tak mengangau cari kalau time nak guna, which in my case is all the time. Tu kunci tu my drawers.....sangkut kat leher senang nak kunci and bukak drawer.

So yesterday was the boss's birthday. Go count yourself how old is my boss.
Collegues semua chip in share beli sebijik kek Secret Recipe Indulgence cake for the boss.
Guess it's a double celebration for the boss cause daughter dia dapat 5A untuk UPSR. Must be a very happy day for him.

Tengok tu ada lagi yang tengah sign birthday card for the boss.
Cehh...must remind myself to cucuk the candles dekat bawah instead of dekat atas tulisan Happy Birthday tu so that kurang sikit percikan air liur kalau orang nak tiup lilin pun...hehehe

Anyway......licin dah kek sebijik tu. Share satu office.
I sorang jer 2 piece =P

Have a nice day....muahhhh.....

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