Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inspector gadget?

I used to love reading a makeup and handbags. Boleh kata hari-hari sanggup jengah forum pasal bags and belajat makeup from youtube. Gila kumpul barang-barang MAC. I have a few branded handbags yang sekarang tersimpan dalam almari. Sometimes feel like selling my handbags tapi sayanglah pulak sebab it acquire patience to get those handbags. Ialah bukannya senang nak kumpul duit banyak-banyakkan nak beli barang mahal...kena sabar menabung kalau tak pun kena sabar tunggu duit bonus. So the expensive handbags will have to stay in my closet until I have the mood to take them out for a spin again.

But now my passion on handbags and makeups dan berkurang sikit. Now I'm into gadgets. Usually can't wait to read The Star monday newspaper and NST Tuesday paper cause they've got a column on latest tech. I'm sure a few of my collegues pun dah tau yang Monday and Tuesday I'll steal the tech section of the newspaper from them. It's fun to know what's the latest gadget around.

So the most expensive gadget I own is my Canon DSLR....can buy 2 LV's with the money I throw into that camera.

yesterday bought iWalk for my iPhone. It's a detachable/charger battery for my iPhone. Well you know how iPhone's battery drain really quick especially when you open a lot of apps stimunously. It's RM79, a discount from it's original price of RM99. Bought it in Midvalley.

I also bought myself an Altech headset gear...now I can enjoy my music and movies better. Better still it's pink =P

So what's your interest may I know? 


Strong Lady said...

hehehe i love gadget too.. unfortunately my ipad dah rosak..ada org dengki argggg..siapalah orang itu..tension giler k..now i'm eyeing to get blackberry even tho dah ada iphone..tapi gatal..hmmm camna tuh.

Pink Mama said...

itu namanya gatal...hehehe....


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