Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do you miss me?

Hi, I'm back....miss me?
Tak ada sapa yang nak rindu ya =P

I was in PD for 3 days for my company's team building.
Came back with aching body but with high spirit and most importantly I had


Release stress walaupun badan sakit sana sini...
So right now I'm on my bed layan badan yang sakit and selsema.

I'll tell you more after I recover ok. Anyway I need to catch up with what's going on with other bloggers....any spicy gossip while I'm gone ;)

Oh yeah my girls had fun with my makeup....they think i don't know. But by the look of my dressing table I knew that they've compromised my area. Hmm...siaplah budak-budak berdua ni nanti. Derang ingat mama derang tak tau ya derang main makeup mama. Ayah derang dah tunjuk proof pun......notti little girls.

Later ya....miss u guys a lot

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