Monday, January 25, 2010

Beauty product junkie

So kalau berminat dengan barang-barang kat bawah tu, email my sister ya. I’ll be putting it in sales blog too.

Anyway, I went a little beauty crazy today and bought some beauty products


So I bought

Giorgio Armani shaping cream foundation (RM249.00, this is for my future refence)

Giorgio Armani sheer lipstick no 10 (RM88)


Dermedex, to control my acne problem (RM22 for trial pack)


ini semua terjebak akibat the SA done a very good job at a mini makeover. Cadangnya nak beli GA punya foundation biasa jer. Sekali terjebak beli yang mahal. OMG can you see my eyebag, teruknya,

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