Friday, December 25, 2009

Missing them already

It's 12.32am and I'm feeling so blue. Rasa macam I'm missing something ....someone.
Feel like crying, my eyes been twiching from yesterday.

Could be because I'm missing my friends already. They flew at 4pm yesterday to UK on a 10 days trip.
10 hari tak ada orang boleh dikacau atau mengacau.
I miss makcik yang tengah celebrate Xmas in Kuching tu, cause we chat regularly. Kalau tak satu hari berchatting and gossiping with each other. Thank God for Gtalk kalau tak kopak duit talipon =)
I miss my other friend yang I chat on a daily basis too, then suddenly dia senyap for the whole week or was it two already walaupun dia online.

what can I say......I miss my friends =(

Happy Holidays semua lonely without my friends. Nasib baik ada budak-budak busyuk ni to layan.

Goodnite, gonna sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I woudn't feel so blue.

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