Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Live from home


Bangun pagi with a swollen face. Macamana nak pergi kerja macam ni. Dah lah badan sakit-sakit. Ni semua pasal tonsil I yang bengkak nilah.

Should’ve taken it out last 2 years but too chicken to do it. So everytime tonsil bengkak sure akan sakit lama. I’m on antibiotics for a week.

Hopefully my tonsil glands will subside.

So people I’m at home nursing my sore throat.


superheroes' mom said...

hope u get well soon. sorry to hear about your tonsilitis. my dad had his taken out too many moons ago. he said his voice changed after that (which i don't believe he must have been pulling my leg la tu). neway, rest up k.

Pink Mama said...

Thank you dear.

KV said...

tonsil amat menyiksakan. Huhu
moga cepat sembuh

Pink Mama said...

Betul tu menyiksakan...


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