Monday, May 31, 2010

Mad about angry bird

I still remember when I was in primary school, those handheld video game (game and watch) was all the rage. My father bought three, one each for his girls. I remember mine was the Popeye game where Popeye had to punch Bluto and in order to get energy he has to manage to get the spinach can while ducking Bluto's punch. I spend many hours on that game to gain as much points as possible and higher levels.

Now I'm hooked on another game, Angry Birds. Boy, this game can really get me going....addictive giler. Can't stop, currently I'm at level 20. Level 16 took me 2 days to complete it. Level 20 ni ntah tak tau berapa lamalah pulak. Stress reliever maybe...but it can also anxiety and stress too bila tak dapat nak pass through a certain tough level.

Tapi saya akan beruasaha gigih untuk menghabiskan level 20 ini.

Ehh lupa nak's your weekend? Great?

I wish I can extend the holiday. Super malas nak kerja. Sigh!


Yours Truly said...

ehh i remembered i had the one mickey mouse kena collect eggs jangan biar jatuh and pecah...hahaa those days! W/end? great babe enjoy sakan...hahaa bila monday...blues terus...hahaa have a great week mama pink!

Pink Mama said...

YT, bestkan dulu main game and watch...yes..that's thename. Hope you have a great week too


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