Saturday, May 29, 2010

The cheerleaders championship

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It's been a great day , I get to combine my passion of taking pictures and enjoying music & dance at the same time. There's a cheerleading championship in One Utama New Wing. If you enjoy watching cheerleading, tomorrow there's still a competition going on.

I must say that cheerleading is a tough sports...consider sportslahkan sebab require your stamina to be on a top notch. It's not easy to do the stunts, especially the tough ones like prep level scale,extension prep,flyer,small pyramid and lots more.

But it was super fun to watch the kids do all of the stunts. Rupanya-rupanya competition ni open for other countries too sebab ada representative from Thailand and Philippines too. I must say that they were wayyyyyyyyyy ahead of us in the cheerleading. Their choreography and stunts were much more sophiscated than the local group. Terpegun dan kagum tengok when they perform...the energy level were high. Synchronize with each other and the performance were tight, no rooms for mistakes. Our local groups maybe tak berapa expose sangat macam the Thai's and the Filipino's.

Adik told me that she wants to be a cheerleader, all I have to say is "Go for it, Baby!". Mama dia yang over.

Taken hundreds of shots today but can't post it all here right. So here's a few pics....enjoy.

The Thai's boys are a handsome bunch I must say. Their uniform pun dah macam futuristic giler. Didn't watch them perform sebab they perform lepas pukul 2.15pm, by then we're already at the old wing.These are the Filipino girls...lawa-lawa tuOur local cheerleaders. The stunts not bad but not so impressive like the Thai's and Filipino's

My favorite group of the day. This Thai contestants can really do amazing stunts. I posted the youtube video earlier rite, they're the group in the 2nd youtube.

Kalau rajin besok nak pergi tengok lagilah the cheerleading competition.

"save the cheerleader, save the world" ,bak kata cerita Heroes

Goodnite peeps....Happy Sunday.


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