Thursday, October 1, 2009

Special dedication to Rita

when I'm feeling blue and down

there's only one person I can talk and cry to

I'm glad I have you, without you I wouldn't know what to do

thank you for listening

that's all I needed

thank you for not judging

thank you for the good times too

thank you for all the crazy things we did together

you're the best buddy and housemate I've ever gotten

Thank you for everything, gurl =)

Cik Kak ni demand I bubuh gambar dia yang lebih vogue dah vass....makanya baiklah cik Puan.

I put a more vogue picture of you


superheroes' mom said... sweet la dear... and love the pic too... a picture IS DEFINITELY worth a thousand words kan

Pink Mama said...

yeah dear, especially it's ur best friend =)


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