Monday, October 26, 2009

Flea market The Curve where else

My dearest hubby pergi outstation for 3 days so instead of us keboringan at at home, yesterday I took the kids out for breakfast at Mamak's then off to The Curve.

Main reason was I want to find and aviator shades but instead I bought other stuffs...tu later I'll show you guys what I bought yesterday.

Was kind of hard to handle the squabbling kids especially Abang dengan Adik yang macam anjing dengan kucing asyik nak bercakar jer kerjanya. But we had fun together yesterday even without Ayah and the little one especially misses her father.

Here's us at The Curve yesterday


brader kat belakang tu sibuk jerlah...


my favourite Dorothy Perkin's T-Shirt and dunno why I'm into big watches now....

Have a wonderful Monday All.....muahhhh

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