Monday, May 28, 2012

Today's horroscope is so true

This Ram wouldn't allow to be bullied. You want to act like a bully. Let's see who's a bigger samseng!


Tak faham sungguh bila orang attack kita disebabkan kerja and anggap segala-galanya personal. It's just work, nothing personal. Tolonglah jadi professional sikit. Ini tidak, angkat-angkat talipon jer terus kena jerit kat phone macam banshee gila. Where is your manners?. Tak ada adab langsung punya manusia. Kalau nak marah pun sila ikut proper channel and read your bloody email betul-betul.

Tu manager, yang staff pun sama perangai jugak. Siap call nak jumpa masuk department derang nak buat confrontation. Kalau nak meeting ke apa silalah hantar email properly in black and white. I will not be ambush by you goons!. In-fact I do all my job according to the proper channel and professionally.

Tak puas hati sangat...take it with the management and not by personally attacking me. Psychos!

Seriously fed up with the office current situation. I need to detox from all these bloody people.

Please kindly excuse my language today. I am very upset!

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