Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We girls hangout at The Curve last Sunday

After sending hubby to KL Sentral. We girls decided to go lepak at The Curve (actually I decided...the girls had no choice but to follow LOL)

It's been like months I step foot at The Curve's flea market. I end up buying 4 head scarfs. It was cheap, only RM5 per piece...should've buy more. I also bought this hairband (don't know what it's actually called) that you you actually have to roll your hair with it and do a bun.

The two sisters then decided to ketuk their mama at Baskin Robbins. I ordered Chocolate Blast....big mistake....too chocolatey...tak sedap.


Mental note : next time makan ais krim saja

has yet to master other style....kena belajar lagi

bought 2 of these. RM5 each

taraaaaa...see dah jadi bun

I forced them to take photo at the fire engine or else I won't belanja them at 7E
Kena blackmail dengan mama sendiri....sian anak2 saya =P

The girls told me that they love to hang out more with me rather than their father cause, " Mama bagi kita makan apa jer kita nak & Mama bawak kereta laju". Their exact word.

Oppsss :'(

I guess that's a hint that I should drive slower rite.....hahahaha

What to do Mama cooler than Ayah =)

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