Friday, April 15, 2011

My badly chapped lips

Ntah tak tahulah kenapa lately aircond office sejuk sangat. I have all these symptoms -
 lips very dry, red and swollen, small cracks, and peeling skin on the lips.It is extremely dry, stretching of the lips that causes large cracks, which is painful .

look at my sexy ugly chapped lips.
 I can't put on lipstick cause it'll look fugly and I keep pulling the dry skin.
Sakit tapi geram punya pasal.

I tried putting this but it still doesn't help to mosturize my lips.
Do you guys have any special/secret remedies for chapped lips...kongsilah.

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Zareene Saifuddin said...

hi Pink Mama,
I think u boleh apply vaseline on your chapped lip.. Insyaallah...

Pink Mama said...

Thank u Zareene, balik nanti I try apply Vaseline pulak

Cikidong said...

bibir yang cantik.. subhanallah

biruVSpink said...

biasa saya minum banyak air. kalau kurang air mmg jadi mcm tu jugak.


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