Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What do you get when you wear pink?

Baskin Robbins...what else...

Coincidently I wore pink today so ...

pink + wednesday....

the cerdik kids surely will cunningly lure their mom to BR.

My favorite flavor World of Chocolate was yummilicious.

Sunway Giza dah ada Christmas trees kat luar with cute decos. Took a few pictures using my compacts. So here's us.

how's your day? Mine was a tiring one.Sometimes I wish I have a helper at home to do the housechores. But I guess with the kids growing up my work burden would lessen cause boleh multitasking sekarang....taichi sikit kerja rumah kat budak-budak ni.
Abang dah boleh tolong basuh baju and sidai baju, Kakak can help wash the dishes and kemas rumah sikit, only the little one payah sikit nak suruh buat kerja rumah. Bila suruh jer dia taichi kat kakak dia pulak....cerdik sungguh budak tu. Siap buat suara manja-manja kat kakak dia. So we'll manage without a bibik around.

Good nite all...sweet dreams.

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